City and Siletz Tribe Answer Citizens Questions

City Manager David Hawker and Sar Richards from the Siletz Tribe were present at the DLWID meeting for a special order of business designed to answer questions related to the proposed change in the City’s Rock Creek water right that would all the use of lake water for irrigation of the golf course.  Mr. Hawker prepared a answer sheet in an attempt to address many of the issues.  Follows are the questions that were submitted in advance and the answers provided at the meeting. If your are interested in the water permits held or applied for by each party we have located each and made them available for your review at the following links.

Questions from DLWID Staff:

The agreement is for 0.5 CFS = 0.99173157 acre-foot/day or approximately 30 AF a month.  Is this correct?

  • This would represent the maximum as it is based on use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Actual use would be based on need watering need therefore less than this maximum. Continue reading

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Second Annual Potluck on the Point

Please hold Saturday August 7th at 6:30 pm open to come join us for our Second Annual Potluck on the Point.  Last year was a great success with great food and fun with your lake side neighbors.  The get together will be hosted by Mitch and Dana Moore at 2929 NE Loop Drive on Sand Point.

Plan to bring your favorite dish, appetizer, main dish or casserole and join us, with your neighbor and friends for an afternoon of fun. Watch your email for more details and be sure to mark your calendar today!

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Attend the July DLWID Board Meeting

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting will be held at City Hall Thursday July 1st at 6:00pm. The best way to stay informed is for all lake front homeowners and interested parties to attend these important meetings.

There are many topics of importance to lake residents on this month’s agenda.  These discussions include; a specific proposal to address the requirement of balancing water inputs with outputs while managing summer time lake, representative form the City of Lincoln City and the Siletz Tribe will be present to answers your questions related to their plans to extract water from D-Lake to irrigate the golf course under an existing City water right on Rock Creek. The board will discuss its new plans perform an erosion study in support of the lake level decision and provide updates on the Septic Tank Revitalization program and the City’s effort to create a draft ordinance.

Please follow the links below to access the latest agenda, staff reports and meeting minutes:

Agenda and Staff Report 2010-07-01
Meeting Minutes 2010-06-03

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Lake level talk continues to raise ire


The News Guard

Property owners from around Devils Lake have again turned out in force to express concerns about the idea of lowering the lake level during the summer as an erosion prevention measure.

Lakefront property owners packed into the offices of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District on Thursday, June 3, to oppose any alteration to the D River dam, which the district puts in place every year from April to October in an attempt to keep the lake level constant through the dryer summer months.

Current district policy is to set the dam at 9.53 feet, the maximum level permitted since a 2009 review by the Oregon Water Resources Department.

The district’s board of directors put the lake level issue back on the agenda for its June 3 meeting to discuss the findings of a depth study carried out by directors David Skirvin and Randy Weldon. Continue reading

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Lake users question water deal

Some ask: ‘What’s in it for us?’

The News Guard

Two meetings on either side of the weekend were host to very different reactions to a proposed deal between Lincoln City and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians that would allow the Tribe to use water from Devils Lake to irrigate Chinook Winds Golf Resort.

During a Monday, June 7, joint meeting, members of City Council and Tribal Council agreed the deal is a “win-win” – in sharp contrast to the concerns expressed at the Thursday, June 3, meeting of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID), where one audience member asked: “What’s in it for us?”
Continue reading

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June DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its June board meeting in their offices on Thursday, June 3, 2010.  The meeting was attended by approximately 30 interested parties. The board took no action to change lake levels.

Hot Topics.

2010-2011 Budget: The budget hearing occurred and only one person made a comment.  The board was asked to reconsider its decision not to update the Devils Lake Plan.  It was suggested that the plan be updated prior to the next budget cycle to establish a consistent set of priorities from year to year.  The 2010-2011 Budget passed unanimously.  There is a more detailed description of the budget in our report on the May Budget Committee meeting.

Lake Level: During the public comment period10 commented on lake level.  Many points were made by the public on this topic. In the past 4 years only 2 homeowners have spoken in favor of lower lake levels.  A petition was presented in 2009 where 21 signed to lower the lake from 10’ to 9’, many who signed that document have subsequently expressed their satisfaction with current lake levels, some were at the meeting and rescinded their signature. Residents have been willing to compromise with last year’s lake lowering and this year’s dam construction delay. Most commenter’s agreed that erosion happens but questioned if summertime lake level is the primary cause, the general consensus was that winter high water and winds have a much greater negative impact. A discussion occurred related to the district’s permit to store 1360 acre feet and the requirement in August and September for the lake inflow to match the outflow. The lake level should fall during the period due to evaporation and bank seepage.  Many asked the district to abandon the proposal to further lower the lake, and look for a solution that would provide a long term; year round solution to the erosion problem.

It then turned to the board discussion on the topic David Skirvin presented in great detail an updated survey that he and Randy Weldon performed by measuring various docks on the lake.

Joe Barnes motioned to leave the lake level at 9’5.3” until a erosion study has been completed and after public comment.  The motion failed from lack of second. The net result was by lack of new motion the lake level will remain at 9’.5.3”.

Siletz Tribe / Lincoln City Water Right: During the public comment period 5 commented on the Siletz Tribe Lincoln City water right.  Generally, commenter’s were concern about what his might do to the lake and what benefit there might be for the lake.  One person Paul Katen from from Salmon-Drift Creek Watershed Council spoke in favor of the Siletz deal indicating that residents need look at this with wide angle lens because when the water runs out on Schooner Creek the City will come to Rock Creek to expand capacity.  The Board decided to invite the city and tribe to the next meeting to make a presentation on the matter.  It was suggested that the meeting be constructed to permit public questioning of the participants.

The Erosion Study RFP: This topic came up several times in the end it appears the first draft of the document was deemed lacking. Areas of the project that should be expanded were discussed but the RFP was tabled until the next meeting. Continue reading

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Lincoln City Water Tradeoff

Newport News Times
By: Terry Dillman

City officials OK change of source for golf course

Lincoln City Council members unanimously agreed to a change of water source for the Chinook Winds Casino Resort Golf Course during Monday night’s council session that would provide water more conducive to growing grass on the greens, while reducing demand on the city’s water system during a peak time.

City Manager David Hawker recommended signing an agreement with the Siletz Tribe that would exchange treated water currently piped to the golf course from the city’s treatment facility for untreated water drawn from Devils Lake near the course, using the city’s Rock Creek water right. Hawker said the current arrangement – carried out under a 1991 agreement with the owners of what was then known as Lakeside Golf Course – “is not an ideal situation for either the golf course or the city.” Continue reading

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