May DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its May board meeting in their offices on Thursday, May 6th, 2010.  I was not able to attend this meeting and this account was created through discussions with third parties.

Lower Lake Level

According to the May Manager’s Report “the Lake Contractor installed the most of dam (sic) on April 19, 2010, raising the lake to 9.1.”  Continuing Mr. Robinson states that “through May we will strive to keep the lake at 9.3-9.5’ with pulsing beginning mid month through until (sic) the end of May”.  During the meeting board member, Randy Weldon raised concerns of an unidentified lake resident who felt that their property valuation should be lowered for tax purposes due to the loss of their shoreline due to erosion.  The district discussed whether they might be liable in this situation. This began a discussion related to the lake level resolution passed in the March board meeting.  The discussion continued reiterating the presentation made by David Skirvin during the April board meeting related to 30 water depth measurements taken by himself and Randy Weldon along the Eastern shore of the lake in the mooring slips of docks in an attempt to understand the impact on homeowners of various lake levels.

In recent years during lake level discussions it has been suggested by homeowners that lowering the lake level may impact navigation to their property.   Based on the presentation made at the April board meeting some members of the board felt that their research indicated that the concerns of unusable properties were unfounded.  It was suggested that the lake level set by board resolution in April should be amended to lower the dam to 9’.0” which is 5.3” lower than last year.  The board did not act on this suggestion, however they have decided to vote on the matter in the June board meeting.

Adjust 2010 Priorities

The board took some time to review the individual priorities selected in the April board meeting . In the original list, working toward obtaining a permit for limited re-stocking of grass carp was the number one priority.  After discussion, it was decided that this might be too limiting and that the goal should be expanded including the pursuit of grass carp and a review of the Devils Lake Plan. The revised list of 2010-2011 District goals were assigned a priority as follows:

  1. Control invasive aquatic vegetation
  2. Finish Septic
  3. Implement communications plan
  4. Ecoli Thompson
  5. Sewer planning for lake
Erosion Study Authorized

Most of the recent discussion by proponents of lowering the lake level has been justified through the suggestion that the current dam height of 9.53” is causing summer time erosion.  As a result of their discussion on lake level the board authorized a erosion study.  Few details were provided by the board.  We would suggest that an independent contractor with erosion expertise be selected who will design a study that will last at least 12 months to capture all lake levels both those created by the district’s impound activities and those controlled by natural processes.  We would anticipate that this study would be done while the lake is managed to the current height of 9.53”, otherwise you could not determine if that lake level had an impact on erosion.  That said the actual lake level decision will be made at the June board meeting and may not be in line with our suggestions.

There were several other interesting topics on the agenda for the meeting, which are described in detail in the April Managers Report.

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Summary 2010-2011 DLWID Budget

DLWID Board member Jack Strayer provided us this summary and commentary on the DLWID 2010-2011 proposed budget.

The 2010-2011 budget for DLWID just came out.   It is a tough 51 page read so I thought that you may appreciate learning about some of the high [or low] points.


Page 23[#19]:

The District recently formed a Communications Committee which has developed a Communications Plan currently under revision. Many aspects of this plan have already been implemented including new ideas developed such as the Listserv and a municipal water billing mailer. These items and more such as the website, sign kiosks, SOLV events, and the Lake Steward Award are all already funded through the General Fund. However, additional expenditures may be warranted from the Improvement Fund for non-reoccurring expenses. Continue reading

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DLWID Budget Committee Meeting

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District will hold their annual budget meeting in the District’s office on May 10, 2010 at 10:00 am, which will be your best opportunity to provide input. The draft 2010-2011 budget is now available for review; the Budget Committee will review the document at the May meeting.  The public will have an additional opportunity to comment at the budget hearing to be held on June 3, 2010 prior to adoption by the board at the same meeting.

Please follow the links below to access the budget committee agenda and draft 2010-2011 Budget:

Budget Committee Agenda 2010-05-10
DLWID Draft Budget, Fiscal Year 2010-2011

The 2010-2011 Budget is a very different budget from the previous year in that the board removed the SolarBees project, more specifically, -$26,821 from the General Fund expenditures and -$1,067,380 from the Improvement Fund expenditures.  There are several other differences in this budget driven primarily but the new set of objectives recently set by the DLWID board.  These include: Continue reading

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Attend the May DLWID Board Meeting

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting will be held in its offices above Radio Shack Thursday May 6th at 6:00pm. The best way to stay informed is for all lake front homeowners and interested parties to attend these important meetings.

There are many topics of importance to lake residents on this month’s agenda. These discussions include; a report on the performance of the D River dam recently placed on April 19th, continuing discussions on the Native Planting Guide as well as the Save our Shoreline workday which resulted in the planting of two showcase properties. The board will discuss plans to pursue the renewal of grass carp permits for Devils Lake, consider methods for identifying the source of high Ecoli levels on Thompson Creek and provide updates on the Septic Tank Revitalization program and the City’s effort to create a draft ordinance.

Please follow the links below to access the latest agenda, staff reports and meeting minutes:

Agenda 2010-05-06
Agenda and Staff Report 2010-05-06
Meeting Minutes 2010-04-01

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So Many Ways To Stay Informed

At we embrace the latest trends in communication in an attempt to keep you posted as timely as possible.  One innovation was put to work at the last DLWID board meeting, we utilized a mobile app to post the April board meeting report.  This meant that at the moment that the chair gaveled the meeting adjourned we had publish our report to you.  That’s up to the minute!

There are several other innovations that we now offer to help you stay in touch.  They are;


We have been providing regular updates to our followers by using Twitter located at  It is free and easy to sign up for a twitter account and it is a worry free way receive updates in real time, that is within minutes of when news breaks.  Follow this link to follow nosolarbees on

RSS Feeds

Do you prefer to use a feed reader, perhaps on your iGoogle page or smart phone?  RSS feeds are another way to be informed immediately the moment a new article posts on the nosolarbees site.  We can provide you with two options the WordPress RSS Feed and an optimized FeedBurner RSS Feed.  Just follow the links to sign up.


Feel more comfortable with email?  That’s OK, we have options for you as well.  Our first option will keep you the most current; you may now sign up to receive each new article by email. Each morning a new article is published you will receive a message. This new service will allow you to keep current with minimum effort! Click to subscribe to No SolarBees by Email

Want your lake news summarized?  We publish a email newsletter that is designed to focus on current issues concerning the lake. Please sign up for our email newsletter. We also maintain a archive of all previous email newsletters which are available online. Click for the Newsletter Archive

DLWID also maintains a email distribution list and we recommend that interested parties sign up for their emails as well.  You can sign up by visiting and following the quick link.

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Hands-On Rain Garden Workshop

Rain gardens are logical and beautiful solutions to managing stormwater on many properties. The purpose of the training is to help interested residents learn the skills needed to design, build and maintain rain gardens. This workshop will prepare you to serve as a local resource to other community members interested in building rain gardens. Resulting designs from the workshop will be applied to the forthcoming Newport Library Rain Garden demonstration project!

Workshop Details:

$40 registration fee includes training materials and lunch
Wednesday, June 9, 9:30 AM- 5:00 PM

Workshop Topics:

  • overview of stormwater management
  • site assessment
  • rain garden sizing and design
  • construction and maintenance
  • plants appropriate for coastal rain gardens
  • alternative rain garden designs for challenging sites
  • sustainable landscape construction materials
    Continue reading

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Oregon Department of State Lands Rule Change

Revision to Rules for Authorizing Structures On and Uses of State-Owned Submerged/Submersible Lands

The Department of State Lands (DSL) is in the process of revising its administrative rules governing the management of, and issuing of authorizations to place structures on, and to use state-owned submerged and submersible land.  These rules (OAR 141-082-0000 through 141-082-0210) were last amended in 2002.   As a part of this rulemaking activity, DSL developed and made available to the public its first draft of the proposed revisions to these rules in September 2009.  In October, DSL held three public hearings, one each in Portland, Astoria and Coos Bay.  The public comment period, which originally was scheduled to close on November 6, 2009 was extended to December 24, 2009.   Based on the input received during the September-December 2009 public comment period, DSL has revised its proposed changes to these rules , which are available on below the break. Continue reading

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