2023 Year in Review

In 2023, Devils Lake saw exciting progress on multiple fronts, thanks to dedicated work from the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) and the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA). Here's a glimpse into the year's highlights:

Aquatic Vegetation Control:

  • Grass Carp Arrival: 5,000 sterile grass carp were introduced to combat invasive plants, with community donations covering 263 fish and 70 named carp!
  • Weed Harvester in Action: The district leased a harvester to tackle aquatic weeds like elodea and vallisneria, ensuring a healthy lake ecosystem.

Community Engagement:

  • Lake Neighbors Get Together: Festive events like the Memorial Day BBQ, fireworks and the boat parade brought the community together for fun and fundraising.
  • Outpouring of Support: Residents generously donated over $17,000 to support the harvester and grass carp initiatives, showcasing their commitment to the lake.

Collaborative Efforts:

  • DLWID-DLNA Partnership: The two organizations joined forces to revitalize the Blue Heron Landing, launching a dedicated website and planning for inclusive community development.
  • Urgent Call to Action: Heavy rains raised concerns about rising lake levels, prompting a community photo-sharing campaign to urge action on dredging the D River.

Other Milestones:

  • ODFW Commission Approval: Key legal changes paved the way for grass carp placement.
  • New District Manager: Boone Marker brought fresh perspectives and experience to the DLWID.
  • DLNA Reference Library: Educational articles on invasive species and environmental stewardship empowered residents.

Overall, 2023 marked a year of significant progress for Devils Lake. Community collaboration, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication laid the groundwork for a brighter future for this beloved body of water.

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