Devils Lake Neighborhood Association members along with other interested parties participate in the DLWID Sewer Committee.  The committee is beginning to investigate the possibility of extending sewer to the east side of Devils Lake. Five of the six members of the sewer committee own property in this area. The group is in the early stages of information gathering. 

In July of 2015 the City published the Devils Lake Sewer System Pre-Design Report which envisioned a pressurized sewer system for the Eastern side of Devils Lake.  According to the report the project entails the extension of sewerage to the currently un-sewered area located north and east of Devils Lake in the City of Lincoln City, Lincoln County, Oregon. Within this area, the City provides water to 442 predominantly single family residential accounts. Each of these accounts is associated with an on-site wastewater system (typically a septic tank and drain field). Each of these systems will be eliminated once the connection is made to the new sewer. The new collection system will connect to the City’s wastewater collection system where there is adequate capacity to convey, treat, and dispose of wastewater from the project area.

The selected type of collection system is a low-pressure sewer (LPS) also known as a grinder pump (GP) system. A house’s building sewer is connected to a buried tank that houses the grinder pump which reduces the size of any solids present and pumps the wastewater through a relatively small diameter service line to the mainline sewer in the public right-of-way. The collective operation of the individual pumps pressurizes the mainline system and conveys flow to the City’s existing West Devils Lake Road & 101 (WDLR) Pump Station and from there to the City’s existing gravity sewer system. Since the grinder system is pressurized, the mains can be smaller and shallower than typical gravity sewer construction thereby minimizing the construction effort and impact and reducing associated costs.

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