pics-es-camera-2512.jpgIn the past, the Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District’s (DLWID) Manager and Lincoln City officials have advocated the creation of new City Ordinances to regulate septic tanks tributary to Devils Lake.  A “Septic Tank Revitalization Program” would assess the condition of septic systems in the watershed.  Unfortunately, the initial program had some issues that created concerns among lake front residents.

The Devils Lake Neighborhood has created a committee that has been tasked with the job of promoting heathy septic tank operation.  The group will also provide homeowners with information related to the proper application of fertilizer in the watershed.  

Basic Information About Septic’s

The Oregon DEQ is joining efforts with industry professionals and private citizens to help educate Oregonians about the importance of septic systems, septic system inspections and proper septic system maintenance.

 The Oregon Septic Smart Initiative has two main goals:

  1. Provide Oregonians with easy access to important information about their septic systems

  2. Provide Oregonians with easy access to certified industry professionals that perform septic system inspections

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality recommends having your septic system evaluated by a professional if you’re buying or selling a home.

What you need to know? 

Septic system evaluations are voluntary. However, if you do have an evaluation, you must use the approved form

Who can provide this service? 

DEQ requires evaluators to be one of the following: An installer, maintenance provider, wastewater specialist, environmental health specialist and National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) certified inspector with experience inspecting existing septic systems. 

A great place to start is our list of professionals who have signed up to be Oregon Septic Smart Inspectors​. Remember to check references.

You can also review general information related to Onsite Wastewater Management Program in Oregon.


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