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Devils Lake has experienced positive results from the deployment of small AirStream Pro units in shallow, near-shore areas of the lake. These units offer individual lake-front property owners the ability to circulate and aerate areas around their shoreline to reduce stagnation, algae build-up and growth and most importantly, bio-degrade organic “muck” on the bottom in shallow areas where diffuser-based aeration is less efficient and effective.

Larger, commercial grade AirStream Pro units are available and are being considered by the DLWID to supplement a whole lake areation project to address near shore trouble spots. These units offer increased reliability and significantly higher circulation and aeration rates than the smaller units which are currently being used by some lakefront homeowners.  

Based on requests from members of the Devils Lake Community, Lake Savers from Richland Michigan will support a trial or pilot installation of a Commercial Grade AirStream Pro 20.15 Unit in 2017.

The DLWID Board has agreed to a trial of an AirStream Pro 20.15 Commercial demo unit for 120 days in Spring/Summer 2017.  Lake Savers assisted in installing the unit with local support from Bill Sexton at the Blue Heron Marina.  Lake Savers will charge DLWID for trip expenses and shipping of the unit. There will be no charge for the rental of the unit. DLWID will be offered the Demo unit at a discounted rate should they desire to purchase it at the end of the trial.


See the AirStream Pro in Action

Some of the features of the Commercial Grade AirStream Pro is that it combines high volume circulation with jet aeration.  It uses submersible motor technology and comes in a full range of power and configuration options.  Some of the claimed benefits include deeper mixing and injection of oxygen than other surface technologies. Higher efficiency mixing and aeration for reduced power consumption.  High reliability, low maintenance and easy repair if needed.

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  • Mitchell Moore
    commented 2017-04-25 10:54:37 -0700
    My recommendation would be to contact Bill Sexton as he has been involved with each of these AirStream trials. You can reach Bill at 541 994-5411.
  • Gail Hogan
    commented 2017-04-25 10:41:58 -0700
    How do we sign-up for the Airstream use? It would be very useful in our area.

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