Aquatic Weed Battle Continues

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) is continuing its relentless efforts to maintain the pristine beauty of Devils Lake. The district's harvester has been working tirelessly throughout the season, albeit with a brief hiatus in August for repairs.

As we approach the next phase of the elodea life cycle, it's important to understand the natural behavior of the plant. During this phase, large chunks of elodea plants will detach from the lake's bottom and begin to float around the water. This is entirely normal for these weeds and represents their primary method of reproduction. These floating patches contain specialized cells that will eventually sink in new locations and provide the seed crop for next year's growth.

The DLWID is well aware of the importance of managing this phase of the elodea plant life cycle. Their harvester will attempt to remove as much of this floating vegetation as possible to set the stage for a smoother operation in the next season, ensuring the lake continues to be open to navigation and remains a place for everyone to enjoy.

Residents on the windward side of the lake may find this time of year frustrating as the floating weeds are pushed along to their shoreline. It's essential to note that this increase in vegetation is not a result of harvesting but a natural part of the plant cycle.

Another factor to consider is the impending rainy season. As the lake starts to fill, the aquatic plants will begin to sink. Once the plants go below the six-foot mark, the operational range of the harvester, the harvesting operation will conclude for the season.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District anticipates sharing final statistics on their harvesting operation in the October board meeting.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the harvester team. They're working tirelessly to keep Devils Lake beautiful for all to enjoy. If you see them on the lake, don't forget to wave and give them a big smile!

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