Call For Help For Fire Victims

Time and time again we've seen wildfires devastate entire communities .  This year, the Echo Mountain Fire Complex has impacted families in Otis, Lincoln City, Neotsu, and Rose Lodge. The worst of this is in Otis with Panther Creek, Echo Mountain, and portions of the North Bank virtually leveled. These are neighborhoods of full time residents who live and work in our local area.

If you have a home in our neighborhood whether it be a full-time, or vacation, chances are you know someone who lives in these affected areas.  If you shop in a local supermarket, order food from a restaurant, operate a vacation rental, enjoy heat, power, internet, water, garbage service or hire a local contractor; chances are you know someone who lives in these affected areas.  These are the people that help us every day, and make Lincoln City such a great place to live, work and play. These are the people who desperately need our help to make it through a very tough time.

The Lincoln City: Fires of 2020 Facebook Group has created a list of victims of the Echo Mountain Fire and links to various fundraising efforts for individuals and families. Please click on the button below to review the list.  If you recognized a name follow the hyperlink to their individual fundraising page and make a donation.  Most common methods being employed are GoFundMe, Facebook Fundraising, and Venmo.  If you don’t recognize a name pick someone or pick a few and give them a hand. Please share the link on your Facebook or other social media of your choice. The list is dynamic, members of the FB Group are adding to the list all the time. 


Thank you in advance for your support in this effort. 

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