District Funds New Vegetation Management Plan

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) recently was informed that they are to receive $310,000 from the State of Oregon. The Oregon State Legislature recently approved this new funding.

These new funds will be used to help fund the DLWID second year of active vegetation management as well as ongoing algae monitoring services. Tina French, DLWID board president, recently commented to the News Guard that .“Lake vegetation management is our number one priority, especially considering our recent reduction in algae from the new aeration system. This new funding will help us accomplish our vegetation management plan. On behalf of the Board, thank you Representative David Gomberg for making this happen.”

This funding will support the District’s vegetation management plan for the 2022 recreational season. The plan will expand on the efforts made during the 2021 season which focused mainly on shoreline invasive species such as parrot feather. This year the District will initiate new lake protocols designed to better manage plant growth in the open water column. This effort will include extensive monitoring of vegetation by District staff via boat and by use of a professionally piloted drone allowing for detailed mapping of vegetation.

The primary focus of this effort will be in areas of high plant growth beyond the reach of most private docks. The complexities surrounding private docks limit the District’s ability to control surrounding vegetation. At this time, the homeowner may attempt some control methods directly off shore from their property. We will be publishing an article on those methods which could be used and those which should be avoided, in an upcoming issue.

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