Fall Roadside Cleanup

Road-Cleanup2.pngDLNA members helped the DLWID complete their 2nd ever roadside trash pick-up September 19th on West Devils Lake Rd. And in spite of some pretty awesome rain showers now and again, we are proud to report that we picked up over 316 lbs of trash. Many many thanks to Julie Sexton who not only kept us organized and outfitted in lovely yellow and green vests, gloves and bags, but supplied us with skewers of fresh fruit, water and other healthful snacks, keeping us strong and committed to our task.

Thanks to all who came and helped: Kent Norris and his faithful neighbor Jim Luebke, Tom Rice, Clyde Earl, Steve Brown, Julie Sexton, Kathy Kremer and Bill and Susie Henderson. Above is a photo of our intrepid team, check out the back of the truck for an example of some of our amazing finds.

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