Harvester Project Ready To Begin

Our harvesting trial will begin next week and for all of you who signed up before the deadline here is the latest information as we now know it.  Follow this link to the harvester map, our contractor will use to navigate the lake. 

Expanded Dates

This project became far more popular than first anticipated. We originally had the harvester scheduled for one week because that's what was available. In the past week 180 homes signed up for this service so we've negotiated and expanded the timeline for the harvester to be on the lake. The return date for the second harvester visit has been a bit of a moving target.

Here are the most recent dates 

July 25-29 Original Visit 
August 15-19 Second Visit
August 22-?? Potential Extended Visit


This project is a trial and it is our first attempt at harvesting on the lake. It is our primary goal to learn a lot during this process. The results of this neighborhood funded project will play a key role in the long term management plan to restore the lake. 

The harvester will begin on the west end of the lake where the Elodea is most concentrated. The harvester will work its way East as the project continues.  The harvester is slow moving so we will be working areas rather than individuals.  The goal is to minimize wasted time and maximize material removed from the lake.

I also would like to set some expectations for what will occur along your lakefront.   The harvester will make several passes in the water way beyond your docks.  This is intended to provide a channel of sorts allowing your boats to find clear water. The Elodea is severe in some locations and our ability to accomplish this goal is still to be determined. The harvester will then try to consume as many weeds as it can around your property. This harvester pulls weeds and often gets the root, it will leave bits behind but the mass will be gone.  The harvester is 10’ wide and 27’ long so while maneuverable it cannot get into certain areas, including under docs or boats.  Water depth is also a factor preventing operation all the way to the bank or shoreline.  I am told that given the above you may wish to do some minor raking for a super clean look.  It should be manageable both in the effort and amount of remaining material to remove.  

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