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Last year the DLNA received official designation from the IRS as a 501.c.3 tax exempt public benefit corporation. This was wonderful news as it means you donations to us can now be declared in your tax computations.  It is also wonderful as we as an organization will not need to pay taxes on the moneys we raise. 

This increase in status meant to us that we had to up our game as an organization.  In order to accomplish this we have made the decision to move our operation to a online environment called NationBuilder.  NationBuilder is a “community organizing system”,  a cohesive set of tools to help organizations coordinate their people, web pages, finances, and online communications in pursuit of a goal.  I have used the winter season to complete conversion to this new platform; it was quite an undertaking but now it is behind us.  At first glance you might think this is just a new website, but it is oh so much more.  Let’s take a moment a take a tour of the new .

Take Action / Join

It all begins with you. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this new online environment is your ability to join in on the DLNA community. To achieve our mission, we believe in combining online and offline activism. We invite all of our neighbors to join in and participate in our online community.  

Only registered neighbors have access to certain areas of our online site.  Extra features are contained in the "Action Panel" which appears when logged in the right margins of this site.  There you will be able to interact directly with the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association as well as other DLNA members.  If you have already registered make sure you are logged in to access this additional information.  If you have yet to sign up by entering your email address and clicking the join button in the upper right corner of this site.  Let’s take a look at what else you can find on organized by what’s available to the public and what’s available to members.

Publically Available

Members Only


This is where you land when you enter the site, here you will find ever changing news & information about the neighborhood and surround area.


Many of the pages on the site contain valuable information in the side bar.  When you join and are logged in to the site the Action Panel appears providing access to members only content.


Just as you might expect here is contained a great deal of information related to the DLNA including contact information for your board of directors.  Also here you can find important maps of our area as well on related video.


As a logged in member you can participate in our suggestion box and have your ideas and concerns delivered directly to the DLNA Board of Directors.


Helping improve our community is a big part of DLNA and one way we accomplish that is through projects some unique and some in partnership with the DLWID.  Select here to learn more about Aeration, Sewer, Septic, and Save our Shorelines.

Spread the Word

We believe that increasing citizen participation benefits the whole community by creating a positive environment of shared responsibility and collaboration. Here you can do your part and share the DLNA story to your neighbors.


The DLNA sponsors several events including committee meetings, workshops, gatherings, cleanups, and general membership meetings throughout the year.  Those will be posted on this page when scheduled; when appropriate you will be able to RSVP and/or purchase tickets.


Petitions can be a great way to request support related to an issue that impacts our neighborhood.  We will create petitions from time to time as the situation requires.  This is this locations were all petitions will reside.


Here you can find a great deal of local weather information including wind, precipitation, ocean conditions, tides and the phases of the moon.

Expanded Donate

Members will have several additional options to make donations earmarked for certain specific projects or to our general funds.  Coming soon the ability to purchase items from DLNA.


This very useful page that will perform a simultaneous search for any keyword on the new site as well as our old site which was in service from 2009-2017. Also for your convenience we have provided a link to the same powerful search but instead it will troll through the DLWID site.


The board and committees of the DLNA will post their agendas and minutes online.  We will also run our board selection process in this area.


During spring and early summer here you will find a link to make a donation toward our July 3 Fireworks Display.  The balance of the year you could be prompted for a general donation.

Social Capital

As you interact with the DLNA site and participate in our activities you will earn social capital.  This is a fun way to keep track of your level of neighborhood engagement.


Many of the pages have a sidebar which contains a link to Join or Sign In.  Also found here are direct links to the donate, volunteer and find an event sections.


Just as in other social media platforms you can follow and/or be followed by other neighbors who have signed up and become member of the DLNA.

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