New Devils Lake Strategic Plan

The Devil's Lake Water Improvement District Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for Devil's Lake at its October meeting. The entire text can be found at this link. Here are some of the highlights.

At its core the new strategic plan is based on the District’s mission and four main goals.


The District is authorized to direct a range of initiatives, programs, and actions to achieve the restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of Devils Lake. These responsibilities can be grouped under four general areas, which form the District’s core mission: water supply, water quality, natural systems, and public access. The District has established goals for each of these areas of responsibility:

Water Supply Goal: Ensure the proper supply and level of water in Devils Lake to provide for all existing and future reasonable and beneficial uses while protecting and maintaining water resources and related natural systems.

Water Quality Goal: Protect and improve water quality to sustain the water resources, environment, economy, and quality of life. 

Natural Systems Goal: Preserve, protect, and restore natural systems to support their natural hydrologic and ecologic functions and improve the environment for fish, wildlife, and humans in Devils Lake and its watershed. 

Public Access Goal: Improve and maintain public access and awareness, safe and efficient navigation, and recreational opportunities in and on Devils Lake 

The District is implementing a wide array of programs and projects to meet these four goals. These activities are grouped under 7 Strategic Initiatives:

  • Minimum Flows and Levels Establishment and Monitoring
  • Water Quality Assessment and Planning
  • Water Quality Maintenance and Improvement
  • Aeration and Oxygen Level Improvement and Monitoring
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Mitigation of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Infestation
  • Public Access, Marina, and Community Outreach


Each of these strategic initiatives is described in detail in the plan document.  Upon approval the Board discussed how this plan will require review and possible modification as required by the impact it has on the lake environment.  This review will occur annually.

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