Oregon DEQ 2022 Surface Water Report

Oregon’s 2022 Integrated Report on Surface Water Quality and List of Water Quality Limited Waters
 has been submitted to EPA for final approval.  You can find the submittal on DEQ’s website: https://www.oregon.gov/deq/wq/Pages/proposedIR.aspx 

The top four impairments statewide continue to be temperature, dissolved oxygen, impairment of the biological community (biocriteria) and E. coli. Impairments specific to Devils Lake include Dissolved Oxygen, pH, E.coli, Fecal Coliform, Chlorophyll-a and Harmful Algal Blooms.  Updated samples on Devils Lake included in this assessment were limited to Dissolved Oxygen, pH and E. coli.  

DEQ submitted its 2022 Integrated Report to EPA on May 23, 2022. The report is now considered “state final” and is awaiting EPA approval. The 2018/2020 Integrated Report remains in effect until EPA approval of the report. 

There are four tools to assist with review of the draft 2022 Integrated Report:

  • An interactive story map that provides an overview of the water quality assessment process and how to provide comments on the draft report.
  • An interactive web map application that displays the Integrated Report by overall status of an assessment unit. For assistance, see the web map instructions.
  • An on-line searchable database that provides parameter specific categorical assessment conclusions for all assessment units that have been assessed.
  • All GIS data is available through ArcGIS online web services 


More information

DEQ determined that marine hypoxia is a potential concern in Oregon’s coastal waters, and that the data is insufficient to identify the water as impaired and in need of a TMDL. DEQ has convened a scientific technical work group to assist with the development of an assessment methodology for marine dissolved oxygen for future Integrated Report cycles. Working with this group, DEQ plans to outline an appropriate methodology to help inform future determinations about marine water dissolved oxygen assessment in Oregon’s territorial waters. Information about the workgroup is online.

The 2022 Integrated Report is not effective for regulatory purposes until EPA takes final action on the submittal.  Until final EPA approval, the applicable Integrated Report is the 2018/2020 version.  


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