Outpouring of Community Support

The Devil's Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) is a vital part of the Lincoln City community, working tirelessly to preserve the natural beauty and water quality of Devil's Lake. This year, DLWID has received an outpouring of support from local residents and the neighborhood association, demonstrating the community's commitment to protecting this shared resource.

One of the key ways that the community has supported DLWID is through financial contributions. The neighborhood association initiated a donation campaign to support the operation of the harvester, which plays a vital role in removing invasive aquatic vegetation from the lake. Over the summer, members of the community generously donated a total of $9,000 to the harvester fund.

In addition to financial contributions, residents have also supported DLWID by purchasing grass carp for the lake. These carp help to control the growth of aquatic vegetation, and they were made available for purchase for $30 each. The community responded enthusiastically, raising an additional $8,000 to support the lake's conservation efforts.

The community's support for DLWID goes beyond financial contributions. Donors were given the opportunity to name the grass carp that they purchased, and they responded by naming 124 carp with a variety of creative and heartwarming names. The most popular name was simply "fish," as in “one-fish, two-fish” but other popular names included "Bob," "Mary," and "Fred." This personalization of the grass carp reflects the strong bond that the community feels with Devil's Lake.

DLNA also presented to the District a framed image that contained the names of all 124 grass carp, symbolizing the strong connection between the community and the lake. This heartwarming gesture is a testament to the community's dedication to preserving Devil's Lake for generations to come.

The Devil's Lake Water Improvement District is grateful for the outpouring of support from the Lincoln City community. This support is essential to DLWID's mission of protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of Devil's Lake

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