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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And we have a great deal that needs to be said so please share your photos and videos with us.  As the summer rolls on, capture some images that show how Devils Lake weeds impact your use of the lake.  When you're out raking, cutting , skimming, and hauling Elodea, pause for a moment and take a few pictures to share with us. You'll find a collection of shared images displayed on our new gallery page. We will use these shared photos and videos in the creation of informational videos, slideshows and educational presentations. Your pictures will help inform those who have not recently been to Devils Lake to understand the magnitude of this problem. 

Here are some simple ways you can share your photos and video with the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association. Note that by following these instructions you grant the DLNA permission to use the photograph, video, or other digital media in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration. We do offer however our greatest appreciation and thanks.

Email Attachments:

This method is familiar to most, simply draft an email and attach your images.  Address the email to [email protected].  Feel free to include a note that describes the images, such as “here is the pile of weeds we raked this weekend, took six hours”.  Press send to share.

Add to our Google Photo Album:

We have created a Photo Album in Google Photos entitled “Elodea”.  This is where all our shared photos will be stored.  A simple way to share which works on both Apple and Android is to follow this link  or the button above which opens the album.  Just click on the “add photos” icon which will open your photo manager app.  Simply select the images and videos you want to share, and press done.

Share an Album:

Think you’ll be sharing a lot of images with us this summer?  You can create your own Elodea photo album and share it with us.  Once sharing is set for the album all you need to do is add new photos to it, and they will automatically be shared with DLNA.  Here’s how.  In your photo app select “create a shared album”, add a title, and select your initial pictures, then press the share icon or button and enter [email protected].  Ongoing just open the album and add photos, we’ll get them automatically.

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