Spread The Word Not The Weed

Please remember to use caution when harvesting Elodea around your docks and your shoreline. Please make every effort to capture your clippings and place them on land or your doce to dry so you can haul them away. (See our video on the subject) It may seem pointless when wading through the weeds, but this is how Elodea propagates. Even the smallest piece can grow into another plant. Yes, boat traffic and wind can break the plants off, but one good harvest can create a large raft of clippings that float in the middle of the lake which can stop a boat or jet ski in its tracks. These rafts of weeds tend to drift to the lee shoreline where they rest and somebody else will have to pick them up. The images above represent one day's flow during the 4th of July weekend on Sandpoint. Should you pull your boat out of Devils Lake to take to another body of water please inspect both boat and trailer carefully for any bits of this terrible weed. We do not want Devils Lake to be responsible for spreading this plague throughout the state of Oregon.

Let's work together and spread the word not the weed! 

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  • Mitchell Moore
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