Thank You To Our Retiring Board Members

We thank the following two outstanding volunteers for their service to our Board of Directors. Each has served on our Board since the inception of the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association. They have each played instrumental roles in guiding our mission with their insights and unique expertise. We are grateful for their devotion to Devils Lake and the combined hours they gave to the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA).

Mark Christie

Mark Christie is a remarkable community servant. I have seen him in a variety of local, county, and state settings where he always operates with sound appreciation for common sense decision-making and the wise use of valuable community resources. Mark successfully provided oversight as we addressed annual algae blooms, protection of our water right, and the creation of several fun recreational events. As a Board Chair in the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association, he proved to be a great team player and a skillful listener honoring the many voices of our community. He is moving away from our lake taking up full time residency in Central Oregon. We wish him well.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown has had a varied career in retail management and marketing and ownership, most recently the owner operator of the Lincoln City Liquor Outlet and the Battle Creek Liquor Outlet. Steve has been a board member of the DLNA since its inception.

Steve has an in-depth knowledge of county and local government issues related to Devils Lake. He continues actively working toward the benefit of the lake as a member of the DLWID Special Projects Committee, DLWID budget committee and as a Board member of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District.  We look forward to working with him those capacities in the future.

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