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As you may know, we have received a tremendous amount of rain in the past week, resulting in the lake level rising to worrisome heights. The Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District has been working hard for the past three years to get approval from various state agencies in Oregon to dredge the D River on the east side of Highway 101. The requested permit is meant to address the accumulation of sand and logs in the river due to various King tides over the years that have created a barrier for the outflow of water from our lake.

Unfortunately, these efforts have been stymied by one individual in a State agency who fails to see the urgency of the situation. This one person has stopped our request dead in its tracks.

Today, I am writing to request your help. If you are currently in Lincoln City, I urge you to go out in your yard and take pictures of the current situation. Please email these photos to [email protected]. If possible, please also take pictures of other properties in your neighborhood. If you have any pictures of the normal water level, please send them to us as well. We will use them as a comparison to today’s crisis.

We will make these images available to the District for future use in advocacy for a dredging permit. Watch this space, and save your images, as we may request a grassroots letter writing campaign in the near future.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope that together we can make a difference.


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