Wildfire Readiness Presentation

The Lincoln County Fire Defense Board, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln County Public Health are partnering together to prepare community members, business owners, and visitors on our local wildfire threat conditions, public safety evacuation response procedures, and efforts individuals can take to be ready for wildfire season. These informative wildfire readiness presentations have new importance since the Echo Mountain Fire last September.

During the months of May and June, due to continued physical distancing, the Defense Board's outreach campaign has been offered in a virtual format.  They have expanded their 2-hour Lincoln County Wildfire Readiness presentation into six modules and added an additional session for each Fire District/Department of Lincoln County.  These sessions, split up into modules can give more flexibility to interested parties to pick and choose those sessions of most interest to them.  One benefit of this virtual format is that all of the session are made available online to stream anytime from their date of presentation forward.


Module 1 - Financial and Business Preparedness

Module 2 - Animal Preparedness (Pets and Livestock)

Module 3 - Property Protection by Understanding Wildfire Risk

Module 4 - Emergency Notifications & Evacuation Processes

Module 5 - Sheltering with the American Red Cross and Medically Fragile Persons

Module 6 - Air Quality Considerations and Access and Functional Needs Persons Preparedness


North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District #1

  • Date: 06/16/21, 7-8pm
  • Presentation Slides: North Lincoln Fire
  • Video Recording: Coming soon

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