Thank You DLWID

Thank-You.pngThe Devils Lake Neighborhood Association wishes to convey its heartfelt appreciation to the Devils Lake Water Improvement Board of Directors and staff.  To Board Members Kent Norris, Tina French, Bill Sexton, Steve Brown, and Kathy Kremer; to Lake Manager Josh Brainerd, Outside Consultant Tom Woods and Lake Intern Whitney Rich; Thank You!

For the second season we enjoyed exceptional water quality throughout the summer.  Once again we had a summer without a toxic algae event and testing revealed no e-coli events reaching hazardous levels.  Indeed all test points other than at the D-River bridge were at very low levels in all samplings.  We applaud the policies and procedures enacted by the District that made this result possible.

In addition to great water, we had great weather this year.  I'm afraid we can't credit the District for that but it did make for an active year on the lake where many residents and visitors could enjoy the clear water.  The District did support its many citizen committees which have been working on many projects to benefit the lake. Everything from weekly water sampling, to experimentation and planing for aquatic and shoreline planting, lakeside activities, assisting District staff and making long term plans such as investigations into the potential of sewers around the lake.  DLNA members as well as others in the city have participated in these committees creating a great sense of community support and cooperation.

Norris.pngFinally, we would like to make a special shout out to Kent Norris, Chair of the DLWID Board as he has devoted many hours for the good of the lake and the neighborhood that surrounds it.  For those who may not have noticed, Kent has of course presided over the monthly meetings, but he has also participated in committee meeting after committee meeting.  He has spent countless hours in the DLWID office, seeing us though our leadership transition and helping Josh to ensure his success in this first year.  So to you Kent, hats off, and thank you very much!

On A Personal Note

Wedding2.pngPlease excuse me this one indulgence and let me explain just how unusually busy we began the summer and just how much we enjoyed laying low these past few months.  You see, my wife Dana and I had the extreme pleasure of see our youngest, Laura be married in our yard on Sand Point this summer.  The wedding between Laura and Danny Walters occurred on July 29th, a day that delivered picture perfect weather. The ceremony was as beautiful as we envisioned and the party lasted well into the night.  

Any of you who have mistakenly thought a wedding on your property would be easy of course know that the opposite is true.  We worked for many months preparing, repairing, planting, and grooming, to ensure that everything down to the last petal was in place.  Many thanks go out to the group of DLNA neighbors who volunteered and helped us make this a perfect day for all. 

Danny and Laura have traveled back home to Denver Colorado to start a family; which means they got a puppy.  Dana and I hosted the DLNA Potluck on the Point the following weekend and then took the balance of the summer to enjoy the lake. What a wonderful August and September we had!  We can attest firsthand that Devils Lake makes a terrific venue for any special event.

Fall Roadside Cleanup

Road-Cleanup2.pngDLNA members helped the DLWID complete their 2nd ever roadside trash pick-up September 19th on West Devils Lake Rd. And in spite of some pretty awesome rain showers now and again, we are proud to report that we picked up over 316 lbs of trash. Many many thanks to Julie Sexton who not only kept us organized and outfitted in lovely yellow and green vests, gloves and bags, but supplied us with skewers of fresh fruit, water and other healthful snacks, keeping us strong and committed to our task.

Thanks to all who came and helped: Kent Norris and his faithful neighbor Jim Luebke, Tom Rice, Clyde Earl, Steve Brown, Julie Sexton, Kathy Kremer and Bill and Susie Henderson. Above is a photo of our intrepid team, check out the back of the truck for an example of some of our amazing finds.

Attend DLNA General Meeting


We have scheduled a General Meeting of the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) which will be held at 10:30am, on Saturday, October 21, 2017, at the Driftwood Public Library located at 801 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367.

Come join us and your neighbors for the following purposes:

  1. A brief presentation potential aeration compressor site
  2. Recap of the Summer's Activities
  3. Discussion of the DLWID Sewer Committee activities
  4. Open forum to allow neighbors to set the agenda for the DLNA
  5. Mix it up with your neighbors

Please mark your calendar and attend this important meeting.

We will be bringing DLNA yard signs and stickers to the meeting for sale.  You can get a pair for just $10, its a great way to let others know your participation, and it can help protect your property. Put one lakeside and another street side for extra protection.   Check our website at for more details.

Aquatic Plant Experimentation

Water-Garder.pngThe Devils Lake Floating Garden was launched on July 27th! You can see it in the water at Larry's and Mary Rich's dock, 4590 NE Loop Drive.

A good selection of water-loving plants were donated by Bill and Julie Sexton along with seven plants from Bear Valley nursery, including sage, oregano, thyme, and rosemary to test their hydroponic growth capability. The plants will be nurtured by the nutrients in Devils Lake. The progress of the demonstration Garden was reported on at the SOS Committee and DLWID Board meetings in August. Detailed Instructions and cost estimates on building your own Devils Lake floating garden can be obtained from DLWID.  This experiment is just one part of vegetative project ongoing and planned by the committee.  

Eighth Annual Potluck on the Point

Potluck.jpgPlease join us Saturday August 5th at 6:00 pm for our Eighth Annual Potluck on the Point.  It's hard to believe that its been eight years!

This year is extra special as the we will have hosted our daughters wedding on the point just the week prior.  With that recent experience we've never been more ready to share some great food and fun with our lakeside neighbors.  The get together will be hosted by Mitch and Dana Moore at 2929 NE Loop Drive on Sand Point.

Plan to bring your favorite dish, appetizer, main dish or casserole and join us, with your neighbor and friends for an evening of fun. Be sure to mark your calendar today!

3rd of July on Devils Lake

3rd-of-july.jpgEverything is set for a great holiday weekend.  We begin with our fourth annual boat parade and complete the night with a spectacular fireworks display.  Safety is the name of the game so please take a look at our boat parade safety plan and our fireworks safety plan to ensure your day is as safe as it is fun.  Here's the details.

Boat Parade
Date: Monday July 3rd
Time: 7:00 PM

Fireworks Display
Date: Monday July 3rd
Time: 9:30 PM (or Dusk)

DLNA Yard Signs Now Available Online

Yard_Sign.jpgDisplay your neighborhood pride with an attractive yard sign and/or window sticker.  We have received 250 of each to be sold at cost to members of the DLNA, just $10 for both!  We just launched our online store where DLNA items are be available for purchase.  All yard signage kits include one custom reflective sign made of Engineer Grade .040 Gage aluminum with an pre-attached black stake and rubber cap. The sign is printed on a reflective finish for high night-time visibility. Also included is one vinyl window sticker for mounting on the exterior of any glass surface. Show your neighborhood pride and let all passers by know that you are part of an engaged community.  Simply go to where you can make your purchase, you will receive a in-store pick up receipt which you can take to our business partner the Lincoln City Liquor Outlet to pick-up your merchandise.  

A Message from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Eclipse.jpgGood afternoon Lincoln County Community Members; 

We have drafted two Important emergency planning communications for you.

1) Flood Risk Map Open House #2:

A second open house has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 2017, from 6 - 8 pm, presentation at 6:15. The Open House will Highlight Changes to Flood Maps in Lincoln County and the Cities of Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Lincoln City, Toledo and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. Property owners are encouraged to review the revised flood maps on the Lincoln County Plannin Department website at:

Oregon Coast Community College - Community Room, 400 SE College Way, Newport, OR 97366

2) Lincoln County Eclipse Information Guide

Lincoln County Public Information Officers and Emergency Management have completed work on a comprehensive Eclipse Information Guide to assist residents, visitors and businesses navigate the many eclipse information sources into one tool. Due to the size of the Eclipse Guide we have provide the link to the website. The guide can be found on the Lincoln County website at or at the direct link of .

Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Demaris

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office - Emergency Manager

2017 Annual Meeting

Annual-Meeting-2017.jpgApproximately 20 members in were in attendance on June 10, 2017 at the Driftwood Public Library for the DLNA Annual meeting. Pat Christie covered the highlights of the DLNA financials. Steve Brown asked if we could break out Business from individuals so we could see where our fundraising efforts may need to be focused in the future. Fireworks funds are looking good as we are nearing the required funds to pay for the show. There is an available general fund balance of $4,383.51 which includes a donation by CLEAN as they closed that PAC. There was a discussion of the one open board position, please let us know if you're interested in serving. DLWID May Election results were discussed with introductions to Steve Brown and Kathy Kremer. Both David Skirvin and Brian Green were acknowledged as there was a thank you party held at Kent and Anne Norris house in their honor.

DLWID Lake Manager Josh Brainerd provided an update on DLWID projects and DLNA partnership. Josh spoke about the current aeration project and the committee's made up of many DLNA members. Members brought us several issues, The topic of gnats came up and how to combat them. They appear a few times a year. Not much to do other than to let them fly. ODFW fish stocking in D Lake was brought up; Steve Brown had the statistics of approximately 20,000 fish annually legal/large/trophy sizes typically are the possibilities. This year we received 13,500 legal and 7,500 large. More information is available at this link.

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