An Honest Mistake?

So what went on with the fireworks and Regatta Park this July 3rd.  Social media and my email inbox have seen a few critical comments and several untrue statements.  So rather than let this fester I thought I would provide a few answers, right from the source, the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association.

To begin with, the fireworks display was moved on purpose to avoid the use of Regatta Park by the public who might gather to watch the show.  Last year the Association cancelled the show because it would violate the outdoor gathering size due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This year the planning and more importantly the permitting for the show was done last August when strict limits to crowd sizes still existed.  During the past year gatherings were limited to as little as 10 people.  The primary reason the required permits were granted during these more restrictive times was because the show would not draw a large crowd in a public park.  

Fast forward to this past week and the restrictions had been removed, just days before the show. That did not change the fact that our permit and permissions were for the new site that excluded Regatta Park so that is where the fireworks barge was required to be located.  That is the simple explanation of why the show was relocated from where it was two years ago.


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First Float-In Concert Coming Soon

Mark your calendar for the first ever Float-In Brown Bag Concert on Devils Lake. On the second Saturday evening in July, August and September we have booked a band to play a dinnertime concert on our fireworks barge in Devils Lake. The audience will be located in their boats on the lake.  We start our free summer series with an artist that is well known in Lincoln City the Beth Willis Rock Band.  This dynamic band plays covers, and originals, always a tight set of crowd-pleaser hits from one of the most popular bands in the Pacific Northwest. This event will be located at Horseshoe Bay which is located in the Northeast corner of Devils Lake.  (See Map Here)

July 10, 2021 at 6pm - 7:30pm

Horseshoe Bay
Devils Lake, Lincoln City Oregon

This first ever Devils Lake Float-In Brown Bag Concert Series has been designed so you can enjoy a picnic dinner and some terrific music on your favorite lake. The audience is encouraged to pack their favorite brown bag dinner and float-in to enjoy the band during this 90 minute show. The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) in partnership with Oregon Coast Today, and Explore Lincoln City wish to thank our business partners North Lincoln Sanitary Service, Meredith Lodging, Whisler Construction,  Vacasa and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District, without them this would have been an impossibility.  Please come and enjoy this special evening with your friends and neighbors.

This show provides the unique opportunity to be viewed while boating on Devils Lake, allowing all to remain socially distant.  To maximize safety, a boat restriction zone will be established around the stage. We ask boaters to extend the courtesy of operating in a no-wake manner while in the eastern half of the lake. Social Distance monitors will add an extra layer of safety as they help remind our audience of the need to keep distance between each other on the lake.


Help Us Reach Our Goal



We are midway in June and as many of you know we have a terrific day planned for you on July 3rd with a fantastic fireworks display followed on the 4th with our annual boat parade.  We have a long way to go to reach our fundraising goal.  Another $11,000 and we will have the show completely paid for, your help will be greatly appreciated.  If you were thinking of donating this would be a great time to help us get over the finish line.  Just click this link to contribute

Devils Lake Float-In Brown Bag Concert Series

The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) in partnership with Oregon Coast Today, and Explore Lincoln City are announcing the first ever Float-In Brown Bag Concert on Devils Lake. On the second Saturday evening in July, August and September we have booked a band to play a dinnertime concert on our fireworks barge in Devils Lake. The audience will be located in their boats on the lake. This first ever Devils Lake Float-In Brown Bag Concert Series is where you can enjoy a picnic dinner and some terrific music.  Here’s a brief introduction of what you'll see this summer; watch our events page for more details.

Beth Willis Rock Band

July 10th 6:00pm-7:30pm


Well known in Lincoln City the Beth Willis Rock Band plays covers, and originals, always a tight set of crowd-pleaser hits from one of the most popular bands in the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s introduce you to the Beth Willis Rock Band

Rowdy Mountain

August 14th 6:00pm-7:30pm

A throwback to the heyday of bluegrass music, Rowdy Mountain plays the raw, down from the mountain sound that gave bluegrass its wheels in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Enjoy the sounds of Rowdy Mountain


September 11th 6:00pm-7:30pm

An eight woman marimba ensemble whose playing radiates with a love of music and deep friendship. Chicamarimba performs upbeat world music blending African and Latin American rhythms, as well as contemporary favorites for all ages to enjoy.

Take a peek at Chicamarimba

This is a pandemic friendly event

The pandemic will continue to be an issue to some degree, so spacing between the boats will allow for Social Distancing as required by local guidelines. There will be no opportunity to view this concert from the shore so find something that floats your boat and come to hear the great sounds from these three terrific acts.

A special thanks goes to our sponsors; Explore Lincoln City, Oregon Coast Today, Meredith Lodging, Whisler Construction, Devils Lake Water Improvement District, and Vacasa.  This would not be possible without their support.

Virtual Fireworks Fundraiser


We recently announced the Seventh Annual Devils Lake Neighborhood Association Fireworks display scheduled Saturday July 3rd.  In the past we would invite you to join us on the fireworks barge each Memorial Day holiday weekend. This year with the pandemic still hanging around we will not be holding an in person fundraising event. We still have a long way to go to fund this year’s display and to that end we are holding a "Virtual Fireworks Fundraiser".  What does that really mean?  It means that you can make your donation virtually anytime by donating online by following this link.  

Check with your tax advisor because the IRS enacted several rule changes to the tax code as part of the 2020 CARES Act creating new incentives for charitable giving. In 2020, the CARES Act allowed for an additional, “above-the-line” deduction for charitable gifts made in cash of up to $300. This provision is extended and expanded into 2021 for taxpayers. In 2021, married filing joint filers are now able to claim up to $600 in benefit; all other filings status remain the same at up to $300.   Put another way, these changes let you make your donation to the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association Fireworks Fund and it can reduce your taxable income and tax bill. Let Uncle Sam help pay for the fireworks this year by following this link to our donations page.

We have a great weekend planned by hosting on Saturday July 3rd Lincoln City's only fireworks display.  We'll follow that with another great boat parade on Sunday July 4th that the whole family can enjoy.  Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

DLWID Purchases Blue Heron Landing

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) is proud to announce the purchase of Blue Heron Landing. The property and building, which is located at 4006 NE West Devils Lake Road in Lincoln City, is the former location of Blue Heron Landing Marina. Starting this summer DLWID will have, for the first time, permanent lakefront access to Devils Lake.

“This is the single most important transaction that the District has made since its inception,” says Board President Tina French. “Not only do we have our own lake access for the first time, but we also have a building where we can store our equipment and our customers can interact with staff. There is so much potential for this building to be an asset for DLWID and the community.”

At the April 2021 DLWID Board Meeting, the Board directed staff to execute a contract between the District and the owner of Blue Heron Landing for the purchase of the property. The District will agree to pay for the property, in monthly installments, over the course of several years.

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Wildfire Readiness Presentation

The Lincoln County Fire Defense Board, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln County Public Health are partnering together to prepare community members, business owners, and visitors on our local wildfire threat conditions, public safety evacuation response procedures, and efforts individuals can take to be ready for wildfire season. These informative wildfire readiness presentations have new importance since the Echo Mountain Fire last September.

During the months of May and June, due to continued physical distancing, the Defense Board's outreach campaign has been offered in a virtual format.  They have expanded their 2-hour Lincoln County Wildfire Readiness presentation into six modules and added an additional session for each Fire District/Department of Lincoln County.  These sessions, split up into modules can give more flexibility to interested parties to pick and choose those sessions of most interest to them.  One benefit of this virtual format is that all of the session are made available online to stream anytime from their date of presentation forward.

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Unusual Times Part Two


Usually, this is the time of year that we dust off our keyboard to draft some interesting articles for DLNA members to inform you on what’s happening around the lake and hopefully get you excited about spring and the summer that follows.

It was a year ago that we drafted part one of this unusual times post thanking those front line workers who were so bravely keeping us safe.  This year many of us have received one of the Covid-19 vaccines and come May 1st the vaccine will become available to all Oregonians.  It is with this good news that we are hopeful that we are nearing a return to a normal summer season on Devils Lake.  We are looking forward to seeing you all on the lake!

Need more information? We recommend that you check the Lincoln City Coronavirus information page as well and the Lincoln County Information page for the latest on the local impact of the pandemic.



Firework Display on July 3rd

As with all things this past year the global pandemic has left its mark on the Fourth of July holiday. The City has cancelled it's fireworks show this year. However, given the ability to social distance in boats as well as viewing from shoreline homes the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association board has decided to proceed with our annual fireworks display on Devils Lake.

This is the time of year we ask for donations to find our show.  This year we need to raise $16,000, follow this donation link or the button in the sidebar to contribute. It's never too early to help us meet our goal.

If you're thinking about spending money on a personal fireworks display consider donating to our professionally produced display instead. Recently Police Chief Jerry Palmer addressed the Lincoln City City Council to determine what direction the council would like the department to go in regarding fireworks enforcement. Several options were discussed with the goal of dramatically reducing the use of illegal fireworks.  With this in mind you may find the safe and sane way to enjoy the Independence Day holiday is to enjoy the best fireworks show in town on Devils Lake.  


Mark your calendar.

Fireworks Display
Date: Saturday July 3rd
Time: 9:30 PM (or Dusk)

Boat Parade Returns

Everything is set for another great holiday weekend.  We will complete the holiday weekend with our seventh annual boat parade.  Safety is the name of the game so please take a look at our boat parade safety plan and our fireworks safety plan to ensure your day is as safe as it is fun.  Here's the details.

Boat Parade
Date: Sunday July 4th
Time: 4:00 PM

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